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The importance of opportunities beyond the classroom in a Repton education is evident in the well-rounded individuals that Reptonians become.

Extra Curricular



EXTRA curricular

Belonging, especially as a teenager, provides a valuable sense of security.

But as all young people are different, they each need the opportunity to explore new endeavours and discover talents in an environment rich with opportunity.

Repton’s extra-curricular programme allows every Reptonian to discover that sense of belonging; each will find a space – whether in the art, textiles, music or drama departments, on the Fives courts or in the gym, as part of CCF or DofE, or indeed one of our many societies – where their strengths are highly prized and where they are surrounded by staff and peers who provide encouragement and expertise to nurture interests.


“I love that Repton strikes the perfect balance between providing care and support whilst challenging me to be the best that I can be and offering me a plethora of opportunities to stretch myself.” - Pupil


This vital counterpoint to academic life creates the healthy balance that Repton prides itself on. We know that when pupils become good at one thing – whatever that is – it develops confidence to thrive across many more areas of life.

Here, pupils can access state-of-the-art facilities at almost any time. In their ‘free time’ Reptonians enjoy a huge range of recreational pursuits, immersing themselves in their passions, trying new activities and making lifelong friends from beyond their year group, their house and their academic peer group.

As a full-boarding school we value weekends, keeping the lives of our pupils busy and interesting. Weekend activities and regular off-site trips run alongside the usual pace of life at Repton – our pitches, courts and astros never sit empty, our creative arts and music schools are always alive with purposeful and passionate young people and our calendar of events is rich and varied. We know that participation in whatever arena fosters well-being and nowhere is this more in evidence than at Repton.


The creative arts are highly prized at Repton. Expression through performance art, music, dance and drama; ceramics, photography or fine art provides a healthy platform for self-expression, which in turn helps develop emotionally intelligent young people. The extra-curricular arts programme ensures that pupils can pursue their academic goals without suppressing their creative passions, giving them a rounded, unbounded outlook.

Collaboration across the arts means the standard of theatre productions at Repton is inspiring. Our music department develops original scores, reinterprets the classics and delivers West-End worthy soundtracks. Our artists deliver exciting and innovative sets, whilst our textiles specialists work with pupils to create imaginative and beautiful costumes that showcase enormous skill. This cooperation not only elevates every performance but also teaches Reptonians invaluable life skills highly prized by prestigious universities as well as employers.


Serena Cole (F’19) truly embodies the Repton spirit that participation in whatever arena fosters wellbeing. During her time here, apart from her academic achievements, Serena was awarded the Arkwright Scholarship for Engineering, achieved her Grade 7 in piano and baritone horn, her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, was a Flight Sergeant in RAF cadets and played in goal for our senior hockey team. 

Her advice to others? "Always make time to do what you are passionate about. The more extra curriculars I take on, the more time I find that I have in the day. This is counter-intuitive but I find that it works for things that I enjoy or care about. It also applies to relaxation and spending time with friends and family, which is incredibly important for maintaining my mental health and self-care." Serena went on to become Trinity College Cambridge’s first black female Students’ Union President



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