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The School Day




Repton Prep fosters a lively, vibrant environment with lessons taught in and outside the classroom. We have created a warm, open and stimulating atmosphere, allowing pupils to develop their skills and experiences in a safe and supportive setting. As pupils move further up the School, pupils are encouraged to progress to become independent and active learners; developing attitudes of motivation, resilience, persistence, curiosity, flexibility and risk-taking. 

PRE-PREP (Nursery to Year 2) 

Children can arrive from 8am with registration at 8.45am. Four times a week there is an assembly, including a birthday assembly and our 'Golden Leaf' assembly.

Throughout the day we offer a wide and varied curriculum of academic and non-academic subjects, including swimming, forest schools, PE, music and French is delivered. All children have a snack and break in the morning and lunch is eaten in the dining hall at midday. Timetabled lessons continue at 1.15pm through to afternoon break at 3.00pm, followed by an assembly, story or circle time until 3.45pm when the day ends. For those children staying later, there are a range of after school activities and an after-school club which runs until 6pm each evening.

PREP (Years 3-8) 

Pupils in Years 3 - 8 have ten 35-minute lessons each day. There is a morning break and lunch is eaten in the dining hall. Lessons end at 4.00pm when pupils can dereg and go home; alternatively, pupils in Years 3 and 4 can enjoy a snack and take part in extra-curricular activities until 6pm. Older pupils can complete their prep work until 5.00pm and then join in the activities programme until 6.00pm On Wednesdays, school finishes for all at 4.00pm and boarders return to their House for free time whilst Day pupils go home. On Saturdays, lessons begin at 8.30am and end at 11.50am. 


Repton Prep's stunning Dining Room is the heart and hub of school life where pupils, staff and visitors gather together to enjoy delicious food cooked by dedicated chefs. Eating together provides pupils with additional social interaction as well as close supervision for our younger children at mealtimes. 

Our Head Chef leads a passionate team of catering professionals, who prepares homecooked breakfasts, lunches, snacks and suppers for our entire school community. The options and variety are varied, and the team is able to cater for children with food allergies and special dietary requirements.

Example Menu

OUTDOOR learning

Enveloped in 55-acres of Derbyshire countryside Repton Prep is anything but a fair-weather school, every corner provides a learning opportunity. From taking part in sport to outdoor education and extra-curricular activities such as building campfires and animal trails, we know that children benefit from being outdoors. 

Our parents choose Repton Prep because they want their children to stay children for longer. We are highly attuned to the pressures young people face, and exposure to social media. Our pupils live an academic life away from distractions where they can enjoy the scenery and setting without too many restrictions. Mobile phones are not allowed on site, so our pupils communicate with friends and enjoy the grounds in their free time.




Our admission process for prospective families is totally unique to each specific enquiry. We get to know your individual needs and tailor the experience, so you feel sure that together you have made the right choice for your child.