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National Sports Competitions




Repton Prep has a long tradition of sporting excellence and is passionately committed to maximising pupils’ potential at whatever level they play. We have a strong reputation both locally and nationally for the quality of our sports teams and consistently win national trophies across our major focus sports. We regularly compete in IAPS sports tournaments, consistently reaching the prestigious IAPS National Finals in hockey, football and swimming. Our footballers also represent the school in ISFA national finals. Tennis players compete in prep school tournaments and IAPS competitions, as well as having the opportunity to access performance centres to further enhance their development. 

We believe that taking part in sport competitively from a young age is character building and allows children to develop skills in resilience, commitment and teamwork. These skills are valuable in all aspects of a child’s education, as well as into later life. 


When selecting pupils to play in competitions, the PE Department will always select those that, in their professional opinion, have the best chance of competing competently and safely in the match, taking into account the player’s commitment to the team and dedication to training sessions. 
Further information on the selection process and the skills criteria required for competition can be found in the Sports Handbook.