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Boarding at Repton Prep is a highly rewarding experience; as well as developing lifelong friendships with people from all over the world, our boarders build a strong sense of self by immersing themselves in every opportunity Repton Prep provides. 

We have been welcoming boarders to the school for over 60 years, helping pupils to gain confidence, and independence, enhance their organisational abilities and improve their social skills which have proved invaluable when they make their transition onto senior school. 

We have four boarding houses, where pupils can start boarding at age 7 (Year 3):

  • Francis (Boys’ House)
  • Nightingale (Girls’ House)
  • Knowle Hill (Boys' Flexi-boarding)
  • Burdett (Girls' Flexi-boarding)


  • Full Boarding - is when pupils stay during the school week and at weekends, going home for exeats, half-term and holidays, this allows pupils the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the culture of our boarding environment.
  • Weekly Boarding - is a good stepping stone in preparation for the move to becoming a full boarder either at Repton Prep or their chosen senior school. Weekly boarders go home at the end of the school day on Saturday, returning back to school on Monday morning. 
  • Home and Away Boarding - allows pupils to return home on Wednesday and Saturday nights, but we often find that they choose to stay in on a Wednesday after sports fixtures (it's tuck night!).
  • Flexi Boarding - enables parents to book their children into our Flexi-Boarding House on an ad-hoc basis. This particularly suits younger pupils who are excited by the idea of boarding and want to experience more.



“I just wanted to say how much we appreciate all your help and support. This year has been brilliant for our daughter, and I can’t tell you how excited she is to start flexi boarding and be back come September.”

- Current Parent


Boarders, Houseparents and their families live together, creating a real sense of belonging and security. Boarders are an extension of the Houseparents’ families, and our numbers mean that they maintain excellent relationships will pupils of all ages. All Houseparents have clearly defined and agreed values, ensuring that pupils understand what is expected of them whilst they are at school.

Each of the four Boarding Houses accommodates pupils from Year 3 to Year 8, helping to create a family atmosphere where the older, more experienced boarders act as role models and help nuture and support others. Each House has its own relaxed atmosphere where children can be children, enjoying running around in the fresh air, playing games with their friends, reading, catching up with their favourite TV programme or simply chatting with friends and boarding tutors.


– Ed Saunders

Located at the heart of the school in the historic main building, Francis House has all the charm of the original stately home, with all the 21st century comforts that make a house a home. Ed and Bella Saunders live in Francis House with their two young children, Toby and Ruby. Francis is also home to Buxton the cat (who is pampered by children throughout the school!) and Bluebelle the puppy! 

Ed Saunders is also a Year 5 and 6 teacher with a keen interest in Rugby and History. Working alongside Mr Saunders is a team of dedicated House Tutors, each of whom help to create a warm, welcoming and supportive environment where all are championed. House Tutors include Mr James Aldred (Senior Deputy Head), Mr Stuart Elks (Deputy Head, Pastoral), Mr Matthew Talbot (Head of Geography) and Mr Anthony Buss (Head of Year Five).

To contact Mr Saunders please telephone 01283 70711 or email:


– Lesley Mackenzie

This happy and relaxed boarding house for girls aged between 7-13 is in the Hall's former stable block and has been converted into a bright and welcoming second home for the girls. Each comfortable bedder (our name for dormitories) has three to six beds, with older girls sharing with just two other boarders. The two large common rooms offer space to relax, chat, play games share hot chocolates and host house meetings. 

The House is run by Lesley Mackenzie, with great support from Kellee Cavill (Deputy Head – Pre-Prep) and their dogs, Archie and Scout. Lesley thoroughly enjoys working as part of the Learning Enhancement and PSHE Teams. In her spare time, she loves running, singing and simply spending time with the girls in the house (her infamous relaxing spa evenings are always a big hit!) 

To contact Miss Mackenzie please telephone 01283 707135 or email:



– ClaireWaldock

Claire Waldock oversees Flexi-Boarding alongside Lesley Mackenzie and is the Houseparent of Knowle Hill. She is ably supported by her husband Nick and their Welsh Corgi, Louis. 

Knowle Hill is situated right at the top of the main Hall and the bedders are named after mountains. All Flexi boarders have access to all the facilities and activities available to the full-time boarders and join in with the boarders during their stay. However, they can choose to relax in the cosy environment of the boarding house if they wish.

Movie nights, monopoly and chess challenges are amongst some of the activities that they enjoy. Supper usually includes fresh fruit, the legendary hot chocolate, as well as iced water, or milk. The flexi boarding routine mirrors the full-time boarding houses with a real emphasis on getting a good night’s sleep. Full time boarders thoroughly enjoy the occasional opportunity to join their flexi-boarding friends for sleepovers.

To contact Mrs Waldock please telephone 01283 707141 or email:

EMAIL Flexi Boarding

– Rachael Birmingham

Burdett is a warm and friendly four-bedder flexi house between the Main Hall and Dining Room. A home from home during the week, happy chatter can be heard while boarders enjoy games, movies, hot chocolate, and toast with famous home-made jam.

The newly decorated common room is colourful and cosy, and the children take great pride in personalising their spaces, with special keepsakes and decorations being added each week.

The House is run by Rachael Birmingham, with great support from her husband Seb and two older children Felicity and Oscar. Having taught in Pre-Prep for many years, Mrs Birmingham is a friendly and familiar face to many. She loves traveling, walking her dogs and her popular flexi-boarding events and activities are always a huge hit!

To contact Mrs Birmingham please email:




The Repton School communities are greatly enriched by the blend of different countries and societies from which our pupils originate. Diversity prospers here within the culture of a traditional English boarding school. We seek to create an environment in which all pupils are drawn together by their desire for excellence and which prepares them best for life in an ever-shrinking world.

We are flexible about the age that international pupils join our school but recommend that children join at age 10 in Year 5, or at age 11 in Year 6 in order to really develop the English language and learn the routine of the school during a time where there are no examination pressures. 


All Boarders have access to Repton Prep’s Health and Wellbeing Centre and there is close communication with the medical staff and boarding parents to ensure a seamless approach to each child’s health and wellbeing.

Boarders who choose to register with the school doctor also have access to early morning GP appointments Monday to Friday at Repton School. A member of the medical team escort them to these appointments following assessment by the School Nurse. Any additional emergency appointments, including hospital, opticians and dental visits are accessed via the medical centre and the resident healthcare assistant.

All known medical requirements are shared with boarding staff and teaching staff to ensure a safe environment for children with medical needs. Pupils’ medication is easily accessible in case of emergency but is stored securely within the boarding house. Risk assessments are carried out on pupils who wish to self-administer medication.




Our admission process for prospective families is totally unique to each specific enquiry. We get to know your individual needs and tailor the experience, so you feel sure that together you have made the right choice for your child.