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PREP (Years 3 to 8)

The focus on building the emotional intelligence and academic abilities of every child, encouraging pupils to embrace opportunities to discover the areas in which they excel and the things they love is what a Repton Prep education offers. Here, we want children to value the skills and talents of every person as an individual within our close community, and most of all to have a go!

With a strong set of building blocks in place from the early years, pupils will continue their studies with subject-specific teachers who possess a real passion for their subject. We see our outstanding teachers stoke the interest of our pupils and this helps them become engaged learners. Pupils have access to a wide range of academic subjects and this is balanced with the introduction of sports lessons at least three times a week, as well as an enriching creative arts programme that extends into before and after school clubs. 

We are enormously proud of developing happy, confident pupils who are engaged in the world around them. We know that the upper years of prep school become more demanding as children head towards their teenage years and so the emphasis on outstanding pastoral care is a priority. 


As pupils progress into Year 3 and Year 4, they transition to the expansive and purposefully designed spaces on the ground floor of the Tom Davies building. This move signifies not just a change in physical surroundings but an elevation in the educational experience we provide. During these crucial years, the core curriculum remains a focal point, expertly delivered by dedicated class teachers who play a central role in shaping the academic foundation of each pupil.

REPTON PLUS (Years 3 to 4)

Repton Plus is optional Saturday school for Years 3 and 4 where a full activities programme is put on each week to develop the pupils' skills across a range of opportunities around the school site. There are three options available:

  • Team Sports - Training and matches (against other schools, House matches, intra school matches).
  • Swimming - Swimming development, water sports and water skills (1st session and experiential for 2nd session)
  • Experiential - Activities will be based around a weekly theme (art, environment, digital literacy, cooking)

Many children combine Repton Plus with a night in flexi-boarding, a good way to introduce children to boarding and help boost independence and confidence.

Although Repton Plus is optional, most parents choose to take their children because it can help ease the transition to Saturday school when they join Year 5.

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In Years 5 to 8 the whole curriculum is delivered by subject specialists who enable pupils to engage with challenging and diverse lessons across a range of subjects. 

Teaching groups are streamed by academic ability, using teacher assessment and standardised data. This allows each child to work within a group of children of a similar level.

In addition, children are grouped in sets by ability for key subjects, such as Mathematics, English, Science and French. These sets are reviewed on a regular basis and changes of form are made when necessary.

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Our admission process for prospective families is totally unique to each specific enquiry. We get to know your individual needs and tailor the experience, so you feel sure that together you have made the right choice for your child.