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Academic Enrichment



ACADEMIC enrichment

Reptonians benefit from a wide-ranging academic enrichment programme that encourages all pupils to participate in competitions, workshops, events and visiting speakers to stretch their academic and cultural experiences beyond the curriculum.

With a focus on hands-on learning and real-world applications, Reptonians are equipped to solve material problems facing their generation. University standard facilities such as the Science Priory complete with its own observatory sit at the heart of the Repton making learning accessible in an inspirational setting.

Repton is home to plentiful clubs and societies and regular talks and workshops with speakers such as Professor Robert Winston are well attended. The Engineering Society recently designed and built a functioning hovercraft whilst MedSoc participated in a fracture workshop with a leading orthopaedic surgeon. Greenpower Racing is popular at both Repton and Repton Prep with a new workshop constructed to facilitate the design and development of a bespoke F24+ car raced by pupils.  

“I have learnt far more than just my topic of research - it has extended my skills in independent research, time management and essay writing. The EPQ has been beneficial to my university application and has given me a head start for my degree.” 

Zoe A


The Extended Project Qualification is a programme offered to Lower Sixth pupils that helps to extend and develop a pupils' abilities beyond the A Level syllabus and prepares them for university or their future careers. 

It is a self-directed project, usually an essay that explores something the individual pupil finds interesting. The pupil plans, research, produces and evaluates their own work. The independent learning achieved by the process is highly valued by Universities and they have been known to lower offer grades on competitive courses.

Some examples of titles from the recent past include:

  • How are humans neurobiologically equipped to rapidly acquire spoken language?
  • How women’s rights in Iraq developed in the years after the US invasion in 2003.
  • Some Day My Prince Will Come: An Exploration of how the gender stereotyping of Disney Princesses has evolved over time.

FUTURE leaders 

The Lower Sixth Future Leaders course aims to prepare pupils for life beyond The Arch, developing knowledge and skills that will support them as they enter a rapidly changing workplace and world.

At the same time, the course draws together elements that will also have very practical benefits as pupils consider their next steps. Elements of the course enable pupils to gain UCAS points which may help them access the higher education degree they want or even gain lower offers through their ability to demonstrate independent learning and engagement beyond the A Level curriculum. 

The pupils receive two lessons a week as part of the Future Leaders programme. For the first of these the Lower Sixth is split into three groups and completes an eight-week rotation through three courses:

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Higher Education and Careers
  3. Lecture Series

The second lesson in the week is devoted to research skills and the Extended Project Qualification and this is completed by the whole cohort. The Public Speaking course follows LAMDA’s ‘Speaking in Public’ qualification and develops the skills necessary for effective oral communication and public presentation. Learn more about our LAMDA provision.





Our vibrant societies enrich the lives of Reptonians, cultivating passions and providing excellent grounding for life beyond school. Repton is a school that celebrates diversity, progress and many of our societies are initiated by pupils and welcomed by the entire Repton community. 

There are a number of active societies in the School which provide opportunities for pupils of all ages to develop broader academic interests. Some are run by academic departments: History and Politics have the Marriott Society which has enjoyed talks from local MPs and a visit to the House of Lords and House of Commons. Other societies include the Hampshire Society which explores philosophical ideas and the Debating Society covering topics from areas such as PHSE, history, and geography.

There is a Chess Society, Pride Society, Engineering Society, Feminist Society, Literary Society and much more to discover in your first few weeks of term.