Repton's award-winning pastoral care received another fine piece of recognition on Tuesday 2 May, as Repton Prep was proudly crowned winner of the Supporting Junior Boarders Award at the Boarding School's Association annual conference.

This prestigious award from the body that represents the UK's world-renowned boarding schools is a wonderful testament to the care, enthusiasm and energy that our superb staff put in to supporting our boarding pupils. The award aims to recognise those schools that go above and beyond to develop initiatives aimed at helping young boarders feel at home, secure and excited about their time at school.

That Repton Prep achieves this with characteristic warmth and pupil-first ethos was endorsed by the boarding pupils themselves. "I like being a junior boarder because it makes you even more responsible and prepared" said Lottie "It's fun because the older boarders help me; it's like one big family." Of course, the wonderful features of the site also came in for praise from the children, too: as Bertram told the judges "The school is our home - we get to run around in the woods, play in the fields and enjoy all the facilities - we are so lucky."

Our Head, Vicky Harding, was of course delighted to see the school become an award-winning boarding provider: "The amazing staff at Repton Prep put so much into making this a fantastic place to board, and it is wonderful to see that affirmed in this way. The whole school benefits from the strength of the boarding community on site and all pupils really thrive here; it makes me very proud to see what we experience every day recognised by this national award."