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Scholars will be challenged to always give their best, contribute to the rich life of the School and are expected to uphold Repton’s Values and Aims in all their endeavours. In return, we ensure that scholars will be instilled with the attitude and skills needed to thrive in today’s modern and complex world. Scholarships recognise academic ability or distinctive talent across Music, Drama, Sport, Art and DT and are awarded at Year 7 entry only. Our Scholarships and Exhibitions are awarded in open competition and solely on merit. 

In receiving a scholarship, pupils join a long and distinguished line of previous award holders. Whether you are an academic, an artist or an athlete, a Repton education assures your health and balance in all things. As well as honing particular strengths and talents, Repton’s Scholars are role models to all within our community – we expect them to take advantage of the abundant opportunities that come with a Repton education and lay the foundations for personal fulfilment.

To be a Scholar at Repton Prep is a major achievement and one that parents and pupils should be proud. 

Any actual title (i.e. ‘Scholar’ or ‘Exhibitioner’) awarded at Year 7 will be reviewed again upon a pupil’s transfer to Repton at 13+ and will depend upon success in competition at that stage. A Scholarship has a monetary value of up to 20% of the full fee and an Exhibition of up to 10%.


“Thank you so much for the wonderful tour. It was a pleasure to meet you and to see how the school has gone from strength to strength over the years. As an Old Formarkian, it made me very proud!”


We invite pupils to attend the Drama, Music, Sport, Art and DT Scholarship Days, in addition to our Year 7 Academic Entry Day. All candidates will sit assessments and dependent on their results, they may be considered for an Academic Scholarship. 

The information below in the Scholarship Booklet offers an overview of the scholarships available at Repton and the entry requirements for each award. 


The value of a Scholarship may vary from an honorary (or titular) award up to the maximum value of 20% remission of the Repton Prep fee. It is the School’s usual policy to limit the value of awards to 20%; should a pupil child sit for more than one type of scholarship and is successful in more than one then the combined value of all awards will not exceed 20%, although they will be entitled to the full prestige of all the awards won.

Further scholarship details, including conditions and assessments are provided in the Scholarship Booklet.

To register your child's place, please complete the form below, or for more information, please contact our Admissions Manager, Miss Ellie Jones via email or call 01283 707112.

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A bursary may be awarded in addition to a Scholarship or Exhibition on a means tested basis. All financial awards are subject to the terms and conditions which will be provided to those who are offered awards.

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