Repton Prep were announced as Runners Up in last nights Renaissance School Awards 2023 for Assessment Excellence.

Repton Prep stands as a beacon of academic excellence among independent prep schools. In recent years, the School has garnered attention for its outstanding work in assessments, particularly through its partnership with GL Assessments. This commitment to assessment excellence has propelled Repton Prep to be recognised as runners-up in the prestigious Renaissance UK School Awards, a testament to the School's dedication to fostering pupil progress and success.

The Data Dashboard Advantage:

At the heart of Repton Prep's assessment success is the strategic use of a bespoke data dashboard which combines the Schools own internal data as well as GL Assessment and Steer external data. This powerful tool has become an integral part of the School's approach to tracking and monitoring pupil progress. The data dashboard provides teachers and staff with real-time insights into individual pupil performance, enabling them to make informed decisions that cater to the unique needs of each pupil.

"We are thrilled to be recognised for this award in assessment excellence," says Samantha Krbacevic. "A huge amount of work has been done at Repton Prep in recent years to ensure that our assessments are used practically by all teachers to inform planning and monitor the progress of all students, such that no one is left behind in their learning and so that timely interventions can be made to support pupils both pastorally and academically in school."

The Role of GL Assessments:

GL Assessments has been a key partner in Repton Prep's journey towards assessment excellence. Their comprehensive assessments provide valuable insights into pupil's strengths and areas that may need improvement. These assessments cover a range of subjects, giving teachers a holistic view of each pupil's academic profile.

Tracking and Monitoring Progress:

The data dashboard facilitates a dynamic and interactive approach to tracking pupil progress. Teachers can easily identify trends, set targets, and track improvements over time. This real-time monitoring ensures that interventions are not only timely but also precisely targeted, addressing specific areas where pupils may need extra support.